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Advantage Of Automatic Blister Packing Machine

Feb. 22, 2019

1. The manufacturer of Automatic Blister Packing Machine has self-test induction mechanism, which can automatically eliminate the lack of food, and the packaging yield reaches 100%.

2, heat sealing station fixed, forming, indentation and reducing parts in the body can adjust the spacing in the same plane, in accordance with the various cross-sectional size packaging, high precision, strong compliance.

3. The main drive of the Capsule Pill Blister Packing Machine adopts imported gear reducer, which has good performance, long service life, low noise and stable operation.

4, plate structure, heating, mechanical forming, mesh, heat sealing of the upper and lower cylinders, mechanical traction, adjustable stroke and easy operation.

5, aluminum plastic packaging machine with cursor tracking version, sealed and neat and beautiful.

The high-speed aluminum-plastic packaging machine manufacturer's so-called aluminum-plastic packaging machine is formed into a single punching and cutting several times, that is, it can discharge several plates within the large length of 210mm of the forming die. If the two plates can be arranged, it will be formed into one punching and cutting. Second, but only in the shape length direction can be arranged in 2, 3, 4 plates. The number of punchings (ie, the running speed of the machine) is mainly based on the difficulty of forming the blister and the matching of the loading machine, and the number of punching times can be appropriately improved or reduced under the condition of the condition. If the plate needs to break the line, the number of punches will decrease.

Automatic Blister Packing Machine


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