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Teach You Some Tips For Maintaining The Packaging Machine!

Jan. 31, 2019

The packaging machine is a professional packaging machine in the packaging industry. It has a very good packaging for the product. It can be packaged according to the type of the product. It is very simple to use and very convenient to operate. I believe that people who have used it. Have a certain understanding of it, but people often neglect to maintain it in the process of use, in fact, the maintenance of the machine is very important. Next, we will briefly introduce how to maintain the packaging machine.

1. The user should be maintained according to the material of the Form Fill Seal Blister Packing Machine, if the material is plastic, the tensile strength of the plastic film should be ensured, and the lubrication should be properly avoided to avoid damage to the material. If the material is metal, avoid storing it in a damp place. Place it in a dry and ventilated place to prevent the package from being corroded.

2. The user should regularly check every part of the packaging machine, if the parts are damaged during the inspection, it should be replaced or repaired in time, so as to avoid trouble in the process of use. Frequently add lubricant to the machine, if the machine is missing, it will be prone to failure.

3. After stopping the use, it is necessary to clean the PVC Automatic Liquid Packing Machine in time. When cleaning, be sure to use a cleaning agent with very low alkali content, which effectively prevents the machine from being corroded and will not affect the next use. The quality of the product.

PVC Automatic Liquid Packing Machine


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