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How Do The Key Components Of Perfume Blister Packing Machine Work Together?

Nov. 29, 2018

Roller: The key component of the Perfume Blister Packing Machine, which cooperates with the plastic heater and the heat-sealed mesh roller, and completes the processes of blister forming, hot-press sealing and the like.

Pharmaceutical Liquid Blister Packing Machine feeder: It is mainly composed of material, trough, disc brush, roller brush and DC motor, which is used to store medicines. When the shutter is opened, the medicine enters the trough by itself, and then the medicine is brushed into the formed blister by means of three disc brushes rotating around the vertical axis, and the three discs are rotated by the planetary track to increase the filling rate of the feeder, and roll The brushed horizontal axis rotates clockwise and is placed at the outlet of the feeder to brush the drug that has not entered the blister on the film into the blister or brush back to the feeder.

Capsule granule packaging machine heat-sealing anilox roller: heat-sealed anilox roller and roller die cooperate to complete the hot-press sealing work of film and aluminum foil. Heat-sealing anilox roller is mainly composed of anilox roller compression spring, clutch device and bracket. The anilox roller is equipped with six heating tubes, and the anilox roller is heated during operation, and then the hot melt adhesive on the surface of the heat-sealed aluminum foil is heated and melted, and the square bearings at both ends of the anilox roller are placed in the bracket chute and pressurized by a compression spring. Anilox roller.

Perfume Blister Packing Machine


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