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How to Protect Yourself During an Epidemic?

Mar. 21, 2020

New coronavirus-infected pneumonia is now the most worrying and most tiring disease for medical staff. All provinces, cities, counties and even villages are abandoning food and sleep for the prevention and control of epidemic situations, and they are at various levels! What's more, some communities have been closed! So during the epidemic, we need to do the following to effectively protect ourselves!

When at home:

1. Open the window for more than 30 minutes every day.

2. A standing thermometer at home measures your physical condition.

3, plan your own day arrangements, if there are no special circumstances, try to minimize the number of trips.

4. Prepare necessary masks, gloves and other necessities according to your own arrangements.

5. Wash your hands frequently, especially before and after meals, and use seven steps to wash your hands.

When going out:

1. Wear masks and gloves, and try to walk up the stairs. Do not touch the handrails of the stairs. When high-rises are taking the elevator, try to avoid too many people. Remember to keep a good distance. Do not push the elevators. Use paper towels to isolate them when pressing the elevator buttons.

2. It is best to travel by foot, bike or private car. Bike sharing needs disinfection, but it is obviously unrealistic, it is best not to choose!

3. When taking a taxi or a bus, open the windows for ventilation, try to keep a distance from others, and use gestures to remind the other party to wear protective masks, and do not touch the handrails if not necessary.

At work:

Some companies have resumed work. During work, try to reduce meetings, control the length of meetings, and communicate with people using WeChat and other communication software online. Wash your hands frequently, especially after using public supplies. Every day you need to use computer keyboards, mice and other equipment for office disinfection. Ventilate the office at least 3-5 times a day for 20-30 minutes each time. Keep warm when ventilating.

When shopping:

1. Before shopping, you need to prepare a shopping list, prepare a shopping bag, and make a purposeful purchase to reduce the stay time.

2. When buying, wear gloves or shopping bags and do not directly touch it with your hands.

3. Don't buy food of unknown origin or food without packaging or shelf life.

4. When making payment, don't get crowded, line up in order and keep distance. Use self-service payments whenever possible.

5. Don't stay after you finish, go straight home.

After returning home:

1. Remove the mask, fold it along the middle, put it in a garbage bag, and remove the gloves.

2. Disinfect the shopping bags, hats, and soles, and clean the dirty clothes in time.

3. Open the windows for ventilation. Disinfect the plug-in cables, switch buttons, and faucets at home.

4. Drink plenty of hot water. No party, no appointment.

The virus is ruthless and people are affectionate. As long as everyone protects himself, stay away from the crowd and avoid contact. I believe we will be able to defeat the virus soon, come on!


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