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Diversified Development Of Automatic Liquid Sachet Packing Machine

Jun. 18, 2019

With the continuous development and expansion of the pharmaceutical industry, the packaging of pharmaceuticals is also innovating. This is undoubtedly a good opportunity for the development of pharmaceutical packaging machinery. As an important part of pharmaceutical packaging equipment, the Automatic Liquid Sachet Packing Machine has a market prospect. Growing wider. Some experts said that the future high-tech, high-quality, high-speed cartoning machine is a potential development field, especially the bright spot of the pharmaceutical industry since the GMP reform, has a broad potential market, and can also enter the pharmaceutical industry. Markets, such as food, daily chemicals, pigments, etc. At the same time, the manufacture and sales of the multi-derivative and post-packaging lines of the cartoning machine will be a new trend.

In recent years, domestic drug cartoning machines have achieved rapid growth, but the level of manufacturing R&D is still not comparable to international advanced, especially high-end products. At present, the market share of domestic drug cartoning machines is only 30%. The rest of the market is divided by imported products. Many large-scale drug manufacturers in China still use imported drug cartoning machines.

The technology of China's cartoning machine is different from the advanced level of similar foreign products, especially the Italian and German products are 10 years apart, regardless of the speed, manufacturing precision, the form of the inner package, or the control. At present, there are still some imperfections in the domestic automatic drug cartoning machine that are suitable for a single type of packaging, a small range of the size of the carton, and a production speed generally staying at the middle and low speed levels.

However, it is gratifying that some enterprises have already realized the importance of technological innovation and product innovation. Some universities and research institutes in China are also involved in the development and production of drug cartoning machines to make Chinese cartoning machines the same as the international first. The gap in the level has been shortened, especially the innovative development of the cartoning machine in recent years, which has also caused a qualitative change. China's cartoning machine enterprises should continue to make progress on this basis, improve the scientific research investment of the industry, develop products that meet market requirements, and realize the diversified development of cartoning machines.

Automatic Liquid Sachet Packing Machine


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