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Automatic Sachet Packing Machine Packaging Process

Mar. 16, 2019

Production process of Automatic Sachet Packing Machine packaging: The basic process of blister packaging is: plastic sheet heating, thin

Membrane forming, due to the large production volume of blister packaging of blister packaging machine, the variety is relatively fixed, and requires safety and hygiene, so it is advisable to use automatic blister packaging machine packaging line for production, in addition to completing the packaging process, Printing, loading instructions, cartoning and other processes can be linked to the packaging line to form a Automatic Liquid Sachet Packing Machine. The production process is as follows: filling the product, covering the substrate, heat sealing, trimming and trimming.

(a) the roll plastic sheet is unrolled and transported forward;

(b) heating and softening of the sheet, compression molding (using compressed air) or blistering (using vacuum) in the mold;

(c) filling the product with an automatic loading mechanism;

(d) Detecting the quality of the blister forming and whether the filling is qualified. In the automatic production line, the photoelectric detector is often used. When the unqualified product is found, the waste signal is sent to the memory device, and the waste product is automatically rejected after the blanking process is completed;

(e) the roll substrate material is overlaid on the filled blister;

(f) sealing the blister and the substrate with a plate or roll heat sealer;

(g) printing the lot number, date, etc. on the back side of the substrate;

(h) die cutting into individual packaging units. After the waste removal process is completed, the waste product is removed according to the signal stored in the memory device.

(j) Packing instructions, boxing, and becoming a sales package.

Automatic Sachet Packing Machine


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