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What Are The Requirements For Packaging Food?

Nov. 22, 2018

PVC Automatic Liquid Packing Machine is mainly used to package soy sauce, vinegar, juice, edible oil, milk and other materials. Liquid packaging machines not only stay in the beverage industry, but also in the form of liquid packaging in the form of detergents, seasonings, etc., using such a wide range of liquid packaging machines, what requirements do users need to follow when using liquid packaging machines?

1. If it is found that the liquid packaging machine has an abnormal phenomenon at the time of packaging, the power should be cut off immediately after the abnormality is corrected, and the abnormality can be continued.

2. Regularly check the parts and lubrication of the liquid packaging machine from PVC Automatic Liquid Packing Machine Factory. It is necessary to add 20# lubricating oil to keep the lubrication of each part and prolong the service life.

3. After using the packaging equipment, check whether there is any foreign matter on the end face of the horizontal heat sealing copper block, otherwise the conductivity will decrease, the temperature of the copper block will also increase, and the transverse heat seal will heat the cut bag.

4. In winter, if the temperature is below 0 °C, the quantitative pump and the icing in the pipeline must be melted with hot water. The connecting rod may be broken, cannot be used, or the machine cannot be started.

5. If the liquid packaging machine is stopped, use the clean water to wash away the residue inside the pipe in time to ensure the quality of the package for the next use.

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