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The Operating Procedure Of Flat Blister Packaging Machine

Sep. 04, 2019

The operating procedures of flat Blister Packing Machine:

Blister Packing Machine

Blister Packing Machine

1. The flat blister packaging machine is turned on and the green indicator light is on, and the heating switch is formed up and down and heat-sealed respectively to open the operating position. The temperature controller controls the forming temperature, generally preset to 100oC, the second temperature controller controls the heat seal, and the temperature preset is 130oC - 140oC. The upper and lower molding and heat sealing temperature controller preset temperature, depending on the situation.

2. Lower the pressure block on the feeding roller, the temperature of the forming heating plate is in place, and then open the main machine. The plastic PVC is first formed, and the forming blister is in conformity with the hole position of the heat sealing mold. Note that the heat sealing mold cylinder is placed under the heat sealing mold to press the aluminum foil. Aluminum foil will drive to the cut. Observe whether the plastic (referred to as the machine surface has been formed PVC) walking is left and right offset. If there is a bias, the direction of the pressure roller should be adjusted.

3. High-speed aluminum-plastic packaging machine If the aluminum foil of the flat blister packaging machine is biased left and right, the adjustable roller seat can be adjusted. If the front and rear deviations are adjustable, the box moves.

4. After the heat seal is normal, open the feeder switch and the gate properly, so that the medicine (tablet capsule, grain clothing) enters the feeding room in an appropriate amount. If there is a small amount of cylinder material, it can be manually filled, if the medicine is brought into the heat. When sealing the mold, it will seriously affect the synchronization. Therefore, when the aluminum foil is sealed, it should be stopped on the mold.

5. Since the Small Blister Packaging Machine increases the weight of the medicine, the aluminum foil pulling force and the machine temperature gradually change to different degrees, which may cause the molding and heat sealing to be out of synch. Leading or lag, first check whether the plastic PVC and aluminum foil are separated, then It can be adjusted by fine adjustment mechanism on the machine. The fine adjustment mechanism adjusts the distance or the front and rear adjustment of the cabinet as the mold moves forward and backward. Therefore, it should be placed in the neutral position before starting, so that it can be moved forwards and backwards. It can also be adjusted by moving the front box. After correct movement, the section has to wait for more than ten editions to be correct, so when it is not finished, don’t mess Transfer to adjust.

6. Flat blister packaging machine plastic, aluminum foil heat-sealing quality (bonding uniform and flat) by temperature or pressure, the relief of the screen plate to see, if there is poor heat sealing, generally suitable temperature, pressure is slightly lower, The regulator is at positive temperature and finally adjusts the screw pressure.

7. Punch the offset and cut the layout offset. When the machine stops, the hand is moved to the box, and the mode shift can be adjusted.

8. The flat blister packaging machine must know the structure principle of the machine in daily operation knowledge. For the operation principle of the machine, the roller of the cam drive ejector pin, the up and down stroke, the position of the upper cover template is fixed and dead, and the blister is in a bad state. The lower forming die or heat sealing to the top dead center, and the column nut is fastened. If it is not noticed, it is easy to malfunction, and the roller needle of the jack is pressed to bite.

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