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Lubrication of Automatic Capsule Sachet Packing Machine

Dec. 20, 2018

The Capsule Pill Blister Packing Machine independently developed by our company adopts the world's top technology Ferguson transmission system. The system transmission makes the equipment more stable and less noise in production operation. Inverters, PLCs, touch screens, and thermal relays all use German Siemens, intermediate relays, etc., using Japanese Omron, and reliable electrical appliances ensure stable operation of the equipment. The bearings used in the equipment adopt international famous brands such as IKQ, NSK, SKF, etc. The main drive motor adopts Germany (SEW), and the splitter adopts Taiwan Tanzi, a well-known manufacturer specialized in automatic capsule filling machine.

Lubrication of Automatic Capsule Sachet Packing Machine:

1. The working surface of the roller of the cam should be coated with a layer of grease every week;

2. The key shaft of each connecting rod under the machine table surface should be lubricated every week;

3, all kinds of bearings should be added regularly or according to the operating conditions grease (sealed bearings can be dripped oil lubrication);

4, the transmission chain should check the tightness once a week, and apply lubricant or grease;

5. The 12-station index box and the six-station index box should check the oil quantity once a month. When it is insufficient, it should be refueled in time, and the lubricating oil should be replaced once every six months.

6. The working position dividing box under the turntable and the dosage plate must be disassembled and maintained under the guidance of professional technicians;

7. The lubricating oil of the machine should use special lubricating oil.

Automatic Capsule Sachet Packing Machine


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