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Troubleshooting The Cause Of Blister Quality Failure

Dec. 22, 2018

When the quality of the blister produced by the Forming Filling Sealing Packing Machine is not qualified, check the cause:

1. Whether the PVC film is a qualified product;

2. Whether the temperature of the heating device of the aluminum-plastic packaging machine is too high or too low;

3. Whether the surface of the heating device adheres to PVC;

4. Whether the compressed air of the flat positive pressure forming is clean and dry, whether the pressure and flow rate can reach the normal value, and whether the pipeline has abnormal loss;

5. Whether the cooling system of the forming mold is working properly and effectively;

6. Whether the vacuum degree and exhaust rate of the drum type negative pressure forming can reach the normal value, and whether the pipeline has abnormal loss;

7. Whether the forming mold is qualified, whether the forming hole is smooth, and whether the air hole is smooth;

8. Whether the flat positive pressure forming mold clamps the PVC belt in parallel, and whether there is air leakage.

In the daily operation knowledge of PET Automatic Liquid Packing Machine, the structural principle of the machine must be known for the operation work. The roller of the cam drive ejector base, the up and down stroke, the position of the upper cover template is fixed, and the blister is in a bad state, pay attention to the forming die or Heat sealing to the top dead center, fasten the column nut, if it is not careful, it will be easy to malfunction, and the roller needle of the ejector pin will die and the method of elimination will be eliminated.

Forming Filling Sealing Packing Machine


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