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Automatic Pharma Blister Packing Machine Operating Procedures B?

Mar. 30, 2019

1, Cutting Liquid Packing Machine Supplier due to high-speed blister packaging machine to increase the weight of the drug, aluminum foil tension and machine temperature gradually varying levels, may cause molding and heat sealing is not synchronized, leading or lagging, first check plastic PVC and aluminum foil No negative separation, and then can be adjusted by fine adjustment mechanism on the machine. The fine adjustment mechanism adjusts the interval or the front and rear of the cabinet in the forward and backward directions of the mold. Therefore, before starting the machine, it should be placed in the neutral position before moving forward or backward. It can also be used to move the front box. After correct movement, the plate has to wait for more than a dozen versions to be correct, so don’t mess when you are not finished. Transfer to adjust.

2, Automatic Pharma Blister Packing Machine aluminum foil heat-sealing quality (bonding average firming and flat) by temperature or pressure, the relief of the reticulated plate to see, if the heat seal is poor, the general temperature, the pressure is slightly lower, conditioning Positive temperature, and finally adjust the pressure of the screw.

3. Punch the offset and cut the layout offset. When the machine is stopped, the hand is adjusted to move the box, and the shift can be adjusted.

4, high-speed blister packaging machine in daily operation learning, on the operation of the work must know the structure of the machine, by the cam drive ejector roller, up and down stroke, the upper cover template position fixed dead, showing a blister bad state, pay attention to Forming die or heat sealing to the top dead center, fasten the column nut, if you don't pay attention, it is easy to get out of the problem.

Automatic Pharma Blister Packing Machine


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