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Main Features Of Forming Filling Sealing Packing Machine

Dec. 06, 2018

The Forming Filling Sealing Packing Machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and PLC automatic control system;

All materials in the automatic machine are equipped with multiple automatic detection devices, which can detect and reject non-conforming products;

The machine adopts a man-machine interface operating system, which is simple in operation and automatically displays the working speed and counting function;

The automatic folding manual is adjustable from 1 to 4 folds, and the manual is automatically sent into the box;

The PET Automatic Liquid Packing Machine can automatically print 2~4 rows of stamped batch numbers;

The machine has an automatic display failure and a shutdown alarm, showing the operation and maintenance methods of the machine;

It can realize multi-standard adjustment and packing on the same machine, and the adjustment is simple and convenient;

The machine can also form a production line with labeling machine, bottle packaging line, bubble machine, pillow packaging machine, three-dimensional transparent film packaging machine, strapping machine and other equipment to improve product quality and improve labor productivity.

Forming Filling Sealing Packing Machine


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