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Soy Sauce Packing Machine Process

Jan. 04, 2019

The Soy Sauce Packing Machine is a machine for forming a blister with a transparent plastic film or sheet, and sealing the product between the blister and the bottom plate by heat sealing, bonding or the like. Today, let's take a look at the working principle and process flow of the high-speed roll-type aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine!

Working principle of Automatic Sauce Packing Machine For Food: The forming film is heated and softened by heating device, and the blister is sucked out by vacuum negative pressure on the roll forming molding roll, and the filling device fills the package into the blister, and then A roller type heat sealing device seals a single-sided adhesive-coated cover film on the surface of the blister material at a suitable temperature and pressure, and seals the packaged object in the blister. After printing, the printing unit prints the batch number and presses the broken line. After the Zui, the punching device is punched into a product section of a certain size.

The high-speed roll plate type aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine is developed on the basis of the roll type and flat type blister packaging machine, that is, the flat type forming device is blow-molded (positive pressure forming), and the roll type sealing device is sealed. , it works in the same way as the above two

Soy Sauce Packing Machine


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